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For women who


  • want to decide to become a mother or not.

  • are looking to find out when it is the right time to have a child.

  • are pregnant

  • are mothers

  • want to process and integrate changes 

  • experienced difficult situations during pregnancy, birth, or post-partum

  • have lost pregnancies or children

  • have ended pregnancies

  • are childless against their will

  • never wanted to have children


Motherhood means something different and unique for every woman.

Whether you are a mother or not, about to become one or never wanted to have children, if motherhood is something that moves you, you will find time and space for it here. You get to explore what motherhood means to you, what your relationship to it is and how all this is important for you. You can also find new insights and solutions for concrete questions or difficulties.

When you are clear on what motherhood- in all its complexities- means to you, you can actively give it your unique shape. This leads to more self-determination, capability, creativity and freedom.


You can book one or more sessions on a certain topic. We can also work together for a longer time and on various themes. Frequency and duration of the sessions is up to you. For some topics or constellations, it can make sense to do sessions with partners, friends or others close to you.


Sometimes experiences, questions and feelings remain confusing or upsetting after birth. In these instances, we can work together to bring closure, integration and healing to your birthing process.   



Praxis für ganzheitliche Psychotherapie (HPG),  Obentrautstr. 27, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

U-Bahnhof Mehringdamm (U6 & U7) or U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke (U1, U3 & U7)



Free first consultation 

Session 60-90 minutes: €70

(Discount possible)

The sessions are to be paid privately.  ​Heilpraktiker Zusatzversicherungen reimburse most of the costs, so do certain private health insurances. As a Heilpraktikerin I am bound by confidentiality.



Counseling & Therapy