Counseling & Therapy for Parents and Parents-to-be



Do you wonder where your place in your family is? Do you want to know more about your relationships with your children and/or your parents? Have family holidays taken more than they have given you? Who do you want to be around your family? Is it hard to stay yourself when relating to your family of origin? Do you dream of the perfect family, the perfect parents and/or the perfect children and often find yourself falling short of this dream?

Together we can explore these questions and much more. We can find ways for you to better stay yourself when you are in contact with your family. We can find out what you can do to come closer to your personal dreams, wishes and needs.


I am a counselor and therapist specialized in working with parents and parents-to-be. Whatever your issues and troubles with your family are, using this time and space will help you clarify and align yourself. 


Praxis für ganzheitliche Psychotherapie (HPG),  Obentrautstr. 27, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg.



 3 Sessions= €100

The sessions are to be paid privately.  Heilpraktiker Zusatzversicherungen reimburse most of the costs, so do certain private health insurances. 
As a Heilpraktikerin I am bound by confidentiality.



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