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Activating your capabilities to approach birth confidently
and to face whatever comes your way

Birth and its preparation mean something different for every woman. Customized childbirth preparation adresses those aspects and processes that are particularly important to you. What your childbirth preparation will look like depends on your questions and wishes. As a Gestalt psychotherapist, childbirth mentor and Yoga teacher I offer a wide spectrum of approaches, knowledge and experience, to provide you with a comprehensive and holistic childbirth preparation.


Together we choose the methods and practices that serve you best. This can be one or any combination of the following:


  • Coping with pain, intensity and exhaustion: Learning and practicing various tested techniques

  • Gestalt therapy: Dialogue, self-awareness, exploration, strengthening of resources and resilience. Navigating worries, boundaries, fears

  • Yoga: Body and breath awareness in motion. Stretching, strengthening, relaxing

  • Orientation and information about many different topics such as: supportive measures for a low intervention birth, acupressure points during labor, navigating medical necessities, decision making before, during and after birth

  • Birthing from Within™ childbirth preparation: Self-discovery, working with assumptions and beliefs, communication with your birth team, creative elements, self-care

  • Meditation: Practice to relax and find your center, peace, calmness


By working with women around birth, I have learned to not see worries and fears as obstacles. On the contrary, I often find them to be valuable clues and hidden resources. Pregnancy and birth are influenced by various factors, not all of which can be planned or controlled. Preparing for birth and parenthood also means activating tools needed to face the unknown and unexpected.


There is no right or wrong way to give birth. Birth is diverse and unique. So is customized childbirth preparation.
It is open to all pregnant women, regardless of where and how they plan to give birth, their reproductive history, sexual orientation, how far along or what shape they are in.

It is also ideal as a supplement to a regular birth preparation course (Geburtsvorbereitungskurs).


Frequency and duration of your preparation depends on your wishes. You can do session alone and/or with your partner or birth companion.


Workshops for couples:

 “Pain, Intensity, Exhaustion” . “Fear of childbirth” . “Change” . “From couple to family” . “Are we really ready?” 

“What if everything turns out differently than we thought?” . “Being a mother – Staying a woman / Being a father – Staying a man”





Praxis für ganzheitliche Psychotherapie (HPG),  Obentrautstr. 27, 10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

U-Bahnhof Mehringdamm (U6 & U7) or U-Bahnhof Möckernbrücke (U1, U3 & U7)



First consultation: 30€

60 min: 60€ / 90 min: 90€

Set of 4 90 min. sessions: 320€

Workshop 2.5 hours: 135€

(Discount possible if needed- let´s talk.)

The sessions are to be paid privately.  
Depending on the methods used, you might get reimbursed by Heilpraktiker Zusatzversicherungen or private health insurances. Sessions cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the appointment will not be invoiced.

As a Heilpraktikerin I am bound by confidentiality.

Serious and flexible, undogmatic and personal, mindful and curious, lively and holistic

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