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Sometimes experiences, feelings, or questions remain confusing and upsetting after birth. 

We can work together to bring closure, integration, or healing to your birthing experience.

What exactly this means for you is at the center of our collaboration and mission. 


Together, we look at aspects of the experience that are still difficult for you.

We find ways of processing what happened. We discover what you need now and in the future.

I provide a safe space for you and your experience, offering compassion, curiosity, and competence. 


You are welcome to this work no matter how you birthed. Or what the birth might have looked like from the outside. You are welcome if it was a very difficult experience. You are also welcome if you got attested a “dream-birth” but something just doesn't sit right. And, of course, you are welcome if the birth was not at all what you wanted or expected, but now everyone seems to think that all is healthy and well.

As a therapist and counselor, I have been supporting women for over a decade in navigating their individual paths through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. As a childbirth educator, “integrator” and mother, I know of the manifold experiences that birth can bring. And I know that these experiences can effect many aspects of life and self.


Sometimes, two or three sessions bring the desired change, sometimes it makes sense to collaborate longer.

We decide about the frequency and duration of the sessions together.


Online or at my practice

Kreuzbergstr.14, 10965 Berlin



Session 60 minutes: €85

(Discount possible- let's talk)


The sessions are to be paid privately. Sessions cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the appointment will not be invoiced.

As Heilpraktikerin I am bound to confidentiality.


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