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In our encounters I found a space in which I felt seen and accepted without judgement, with my fears and wounds, but also with my strengths and beliefs as a mother and a human. That was was incredibly helpful for processing and proceeding. Thank you!*                                                                                                                                                  -A.

Kristina helped us a lot with preparing for the birth of our second child. The birth and post partum time with our first child did not go as we had hoped. During this second pregnancy we realized that each of us had drawn very different conclusions from the first birth; on the pragmatic and also – more importantly – on the emotional level those experiences turned out to mean something different for each one of us. For a long time, this seemed incompatible. Our conversations about the upcoming birth were characterized not only by a lack of understanding but also by mistrust. Kristina’s impartial, empathic and direct manner helped us resolve our central conflict. In the course of two intense conversations we were able to mutually bring closure to the experiences of the first birth. We both understand the other’s position now and each of us has given in on some of our conflicting standpoints.

Today we are confidently looking forward to the birth of our second child and – most importantly – are moving forward together as a team. Thank you very much, Kristina!  *

– M. 


I was scared of giving birth and Kristina helped me a lot with this. I always felt comfortable with her. She was attentive and always sensed what was important to me. She was very authentic which helped me a lot in opening up. Because of all of this I made great progress, finding many new and important insights for myself. This I am enormously grateful for. I can not imagine a better childbirth preparation. *

– E. 

I was lucky to have Kristina next to me, supporting me through my pregnancy and after giving birth. She always listens fully and with great respect to every doubt or fear that I have. Then she asks the most relevant questions that help me to become clearer about what I really think and what I want to do further. I can recommend her with whole my heart.

– M. 

The birth of our first child was a great joy but extremely difficult. When I became pregnant with our second, I became increasingly fearful of giving birth as the months passed. I met Kristina through her pregnancy yoga class, and shared with her the difficulty I had to prepare myself for this birth. I was not peaceful and could not find a way for my husband to support me. Following Kristina's suggestion to do a birth preparation session as a couple, we went ahead not really knowing what to expect... But it turned out that this magic session with her was single-handedly the most helpful preparation for our daughter's birth! Kristina's mix of Gestalt therapy along with her perfect tact and hands-on knowledge about birth giving was amazing and provided us with the tools we really needed. It enabled a respectful dialogue on the subject while providing us with the concrete options we needed to help ourselves (from birthing acupressure techniques, to tuning in to personal needs and organizational matters). In those two hours I found the peace of mind I needed. Our daughter's birth was wonderful.

– A.

*translated from German





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